James Castle

brown eyed

James Castle is a surprisingly rare find, considering that Menatplay is a UK run production company, since hardly any of our Men are British born and bred. James hails from Bristol in the West and is so handsome and dapper in a suit it's like he was born to wear them. The British accent and the athletic, lean ripped body just work so well for the suited gent look and James has an air about him that makes him not just a good looking office worker in a suit, but a guy with a sexual agenda always at the front of his mind.
After his first encounter in "Watching Waiting" , where James get his suit completely soaked in the shower and strips down to show off that amazingly hard ripped body, we felt he had the perfect demeanour to become the next reincarnation of the M.A.P. Doctor. But like most English characters in film he has a roguish villainous side secretly web-caming his patients as he playfully uses their visits to the doctor for his own pleasure - and it seems they quite enjoy the ride too! James is a dominant top who rides his men hard and fast so if you're thinking maybe you need a bit of closer examination from Dr. Castle click on the scene links below and get to your first appointment!

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