Misha Dante

blue eyed
Versatile but prefer to do the fucking

One of our rare blonde guys. And a real sexy blonde too with those amazing piercing blue eyes. Canadian born Misha has a very flexible athletic body useful for getting himself deep in to those stunning men we coupled him up with. For the suit lovers among you Misha really fits the bill looking every inch the real business man in his perfect slender well tailored 3 piece suits. Particularly check out his scene 'Turn on' with Dani Robles where the two suited stud play a sex game in the shower getting completely drenched in their suits - amazing how a scene can be so hot when not a shred off clothing comes off. Equally horny is his encounter with Russian stunner Dato Foland where suited respectable business man meets muscled leather muscle boy - this is the only scene for Menatplay where we see Misha get a good hard fucking from the leather clad stud. Misha can also play the Daddy very convincingly when he seduces young Allen King in "Boylust". And finally lucky Misha , who seems to always get the hot muscular guys, teams up with Italian Marco Rubi in his office meeting room where he gets to pump him hard on the boardroom table while filming and watching the whole thing on the big tv screen on the wall. Hopefully we get to see more from Misha in the future cause he's made some of our hottest scenes on the Menatplay site.

95° HOT

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