Philip Zyos

green eyed

Philip Zyos has natural handsome features that remind us of a classic movie star like Chris Evans. His masculine face, slim figure and green-grey eyes make him catwalk suit wearing material. But while on the one hand he looks like a demur fashion model, his ethereal gaze beguiles the monster that lies beneath those suit pants.
Yes! the man has an amazingly juicy thick long cock that is a mouthful for even the more experienced deep throater. Thankfully he puts this throbbing rod to proper use enjoying not only to see his partners gag on it but also thrust it deep in to their ass stretching their holes in painful pleasure. Don't miss Philips debut scene on Menatplay with Massimo Piano "Wrong Place Right Time". Its Massimo that make the first move and initiates the unveiling of Philip's monster. We're not sure if Massimo was aware what he was letting himself in for but he seems to quite happily take it fully, in both orifices!

95° HOT

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