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Hey boys, This is Woody Fox but you can call me Mr Fox. I am from a small country town in Australia (Down Under). Grew up riding horses and taking care of crops. I started doing porn when I started traveling the big wide world and just fell in love with all those tight porn boy bottoms so I never stopped. I guess you could say I dont really have a type as it seems to change a lot however I have a massive weakness for red heads, short guys and cut cocks. maybe this is because I worked in America. So I currently live in London and travel back and forth from America doing naughty man films. I think my favorite thing about porn would be the fun scripts you get to learn. I really want to be every porn stereotype there is (Cop, army, fireman) Its all a huge turn on. I really like hearing all your comments so feel free to say hello and tell me what you think of the videos.

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