Diary of a Fox: Wednesday

03 Jan 2014
00:18:19 mins

It's only mid week and already Mr Fox's reputation has spread to the other side of town. Woody meets slick businessman Dario Beck in his high rise office under the impression he is there on real estate business.
It soon becomes apparent to Woody that Dario mearly wants a piece of the action he's heard so much about from his head of finance Justin Harris ( see Menatplays -'PureSuit' ). After voicing the disclaimer "You do realise this suit of yours is going to get very messy!"
Woody gives Dario the fucking of his life. Woody lets Dario taste his perfect juicy cock then yanks down his trousers and fucks Dario over the desk, on his back, on his side, doggy style, making sure he pushes deep in to his hole from every angle.
Then Dario rides Woody's cock as he sits in the office chair , bouncing hard until he cums. And its Woody who finally gets a bit of his own medicine as its his suit that gets covered in warm sticky cum. Another notch to Woodys belt - we can't wait to see who gets it next , in The Diary of a Fox!!

88° HOT

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