06 Oct 2017
00:20:00 mins

Jocks and gents normally occupy separate worlds. Yet the one place they come together is the locker room. Here, gents can take off their suits and become jocks, while jocks can scrub up and become gents. But beneath our fancy boxers and funky jockstraps we’re all men who need to get off. No doubt about it, locker rooms are horny places.

Jean Franko and Gabriel Lunna burn up the locker room in Jock to Gent. These guys have the hottest bodies around and they love to show them off. Jean gets the action going by strutting around the locker room in a towel. When Gabriel enters wearing his workout gear, they immediately go for each other, trading lustful glances and showing off their massive cocks.

Within seconds, Gabriel drops to his knees to service Jean’s dick while Jean, cocky and aloof as always, puts on his suit. From there the sex gets intense before Jean and Gabriel’s cocks erupt. You’d expect nothing less from these insatiable studs. Whether you favor a jock or gent, this film will definitely satisfy you.

79° HOT

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