look away

23 Nov 2018
00:20:52 mins

We’re super-excited this week to present the Battle of the Andys. It’s Andy Star and Andy Onassis going head-to-head (and cock to ass!) at the office in Look Away.

It seems Andy O. has been cooking the books at the company where he and Andy S. work. Bottomless bottom Andy Star won’t hear any explanations or pleas for forgiveness from Andy Onassis. If one Andy wants to buy the other Andy’s silence, he’ll have to do it with more than money. When the stakes are high and the men are smoking hot—each in a dark blue suit and diamond-patterned tie—you know wet hot fucking is in the bargain.

Blow jobs don’t get as slick and pleasurable as Andy S.’s plump lips caressing Andy O.’s thick cock. Andy Onassis has one of the largest cocks we’ve featured, and you’ll love watching Andy Star take every hard inch of it as Andy O. stretches out his hole. And for all you cum-lovers, these guys launch a couple of creamy loads for you. Who says accounting is dull?

90° HOT


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