16 Nov 2018
00:18:11 mins

Denis Vega may be a veteran stud on our site, but this week he’s learning the ropes in Maître X. Working in a posh hotel managed by Victor D’Angelo, Denis is a hard worker—with an incredibly hard body to match—but he has a thing or two to learn. He may be phenomenal at laying men, but he needs to be trained how to lay a table.

What begins as a lesson in placing flatware beside a plate instantly turns into Victor’s hand on Denis’s meaty ass and Denis’s tongue spiraling inside Victor’s mouth. Both of these guys are dressed in smart attire, and that only enhances the heat and vigor of their manic fucking. Denis spares Victor’s ass no mercy now that he’s the one calling the shots, forcing his dick deep inside Victor’s snug ass.

The action is both sleazy and classy this week, guys. Cock is the appetizer, ass is the main course, and you know what’s for dessert. Forget your table manners and lick it up, fellas!

78° HOT


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