22 Jun 2018
00:21:38 mins

This week, Menatplay welcomes Apolo Fire to the family. Diego Reyes is a business man expecting a big delivery. Apolo, the hunky moving man, wheels in the boxes, but the order is all wrong. Unfortunately, Diego is big on arrogance but short on patience. But Apolo wants to makes things right . . . any way he can!

Apolo proves himself to be an expert cocksucker. The way he slurps down on Diego’s cock could teach anybody new cocksucking tricks. And Diego returns to favor by giving Apolo a hot suck. When Apolo bends over to get fucked, his juicy ass is primed and ready. Diego gives him a thorough pounding and Apolo enjoys every bit of it.

Both of these guys will have you wishing you could take their place. A jerk boss and a horny mover set up another white collar-blue collar battle. And both studs win!

58° HOT


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