27 Oct 2017
00:21:00 mins

A crime has been committed. Two detectives are on the case, checking clues, watching surveillance videos, analyzing statements. The work is long and hard, but so are their cocks. It’s time these gumshoes got down to real business—getting each other off!

Private Eyes gives us Gabriel Lunna and Dario Beck as two cops eager to uncover the truth, serve justice, and service each other. Dario gets the action started by making a pass at Gabriel. Then Gabriel, ready to please, takes the lead and bends Dario over to give him the pleasure he’s been wanting. He drills Dario’s hairy ass with his hot, wet tongue before he spreads Dario’s butt and thrusts him deep with his cock.

As detectives, Gabriel and Dario have style to burn. Dressed in sophisticated suits and sporting shiny dress shoes, this horny duo make it a crime to miss their blazing suitsex, which finishes with two pulsating cum shots. Gabriel and Dario take the guess work out of getting laid.

87° HOT

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