09 Jun 2017
00:23:00 mins

What's the point of a hired security if they're gonna fall
apart at the first sign of trouble ? Fire him you say? Well, usually we'd agree with you but this is sexy tall dutch bodyguard Diego Summers ( brand new to Menatplay ). Having this dark suited Dutchman at your beckon call has got to be a plus? 6ft'2 businessman Enzo Rimenez is lucky enough to have Diego on his security staff and his services are called in to action one day when there's a breach of the perimeters of Enzo extensive property . But when the house goes in to lock down it quickly becomes evident that the body guard has issues with enclosed spaces and it's his employer Enzo that ends up having to comfort and calm him . loosening his tie for him and getting close up and intimate triggers something in Enzo that he can't hold back . Soon Diego's anxious mind is distracted by other things , like stripping and pounding his masters hole!!

71° HOT


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