07 Dec 2018
00:18:57 mins

A gentleman has to follow a sterling code of conduct. When he’s in public he must dress for success, must display manners, and say “Please” and “Thank you.” But our models here at Menatplay also have to be ready to get down to hardcore fucking anytime, anyplace. Gabriel Phoenix and Malek Tobias learn this the hot and horny way in this week’s feature, Service Included.

After order a coffee from a local establishment run by Gabriel, Malek, turned on by Gabriel’s blond good looks and sleek build, can’t help pulling how his hard-on and wanking behind a newspaper. When Gabriel catches him and tells him to cut it out, he surrenders to his own horny notions and gives Malek extra special service with his mouth and cock.

These gents lose all sense of manners and propriety pretty fast. In no time Malek in on his knees, showing off his meaty calves in OTCs, while Gabriel puts on a condom and slams Malek’s ample ass. Expect a good deal of jizz from these two studs. After watching Service Included you’ll wish you favorite coffee shop offered this kind of service. Have fun!

81° HOT


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