01 Sep 2017
00:21:29 mins

What man would waste time tapping on a keyboard when he could tap James Castle’s posh ass? Klein Kerr knows what’s up: working alone with a horny, well-suited coworker after hours can lead to all sorts of amazing, sexy possibilities. Scorching hot kisses, velvety blowjobs, and a throbbing dick slammed up a slick, clinching asshole—that’s what Tap That is all about!

James Castles is back, and he’s in the mood to get fucked long and hard by Klein Kerr’s massive dick. Together, these two number-crunching studs blow through their work deadlines so they can blow and fuck each other senseless. James takes his time slurping Klein’s cock, swallowing every stiff inch slowly, making sure to use his tongue to drive his mate insane. Klein gives as good as he gets, probing James’s hole deep and long with his tongue before fucking him so good and deep neither of them can hold back for long.

There’s plenty of suit-on-suit action in this horny flick. Just a glimpse of these handsome studs in their sheer over-the-calf socks and polished shoes will be enough to make you come loads and loads. The suits are as fine as the gents in Tap That. Thread for thread and thrust for thrust, this flick delivers!

79° HOT

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