09 Jul 2018
00:18:04 mins

Rules for a drug deal: #1—Bring quality product. #2—Wear a sharp suit. #3—Be prepared to fuck long and hard. In case you forget any of these rules, Salvador Mendoza and Xavi Duran are here to demonstrate them for you. Get prepared for a lesson you won’t forget.

After Salvador tastes the inferior product Xavi is selling, he prepares to get what’s coming to him by bending Xavi over the hood of his car and banging it out of him. But it’s Salvador who gets the surprise when, after giving Xavi a slurpy hot blow job, Xavi bends him over and fucks his meaty ass.

Xavi and Salvador go for a ride after that, but not in a car. Salvador bounces on Xavi’s dick hard and fast to remind him who’s really in charge. Get ready for two thick, hot cum shots and a suitsex flick with OTCs and ass-tight slacks. Enjoy!

80° HOT


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