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If you’ve got it, then use it right?

A guy like Flex has the world in the palm of his hands – with those looks, that body, and of course that incredible butt, he doesn’t really need to try he just has to be. So Jessy Ares, as the boss of a high profile strip joint has his hands full ( literally, two big ass cheeks full) with Flex, the top paid dancer, who just swans in when he feels like it paying no attention to Jessy rules on punctuality. Jessy is a tough boss who’s usually only interested in cold cash, but with the warm flesh of a god standing before you even the toughest would melt and as Flex works his magic, jessy quickly warms up to the idea that he could take this all the way and get to bury his face between those cheeks and teach his wayward employee who’s really boss by fucking him in his office until he comes up his all up his ripped abs.