27 Nov 2015
00:22:32 mins

Here at Menatplay headquarters we constantly receive emails and tweets asking for dream pairing. But without question the two names that kept appearing the most in your requests are Logan & Hector - and as always, we aim to please! But its clear that Logan and Hector wanted to get together just as much as you guys wanted to see it happen. The chemistry between them is intense. The two men kiss, suck, lick and fuck each other under the shower, not caring about getting their suits soaked through and steaming up the camera lens with heat between them. But its clear from the very first minute that this is no regular fuck and go - Hector’s on a mission to pleasure Logan by giving it to him hard and deep, again and again, to the point that they both shoot an amazing load and relieve months of pent-up sexual attraction.

93° HOT

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