06 Feb 2015
00:22:10 mins

Its no secret that we go crazy over a handsome, sharply dressed man like Theo Ford here at Menatplay - but whats even better when he’s being roughed up by a burly, sweaty, rough piece of muscle like Spanish hunk Axel Brooks. Its a recipe for a five-star fuck! - Used to being the man in control, Theo gets a big shock when the Spanish builder doesn’t react well to being bossed around. Axel pins Theo against a pile of dusty sacks, and decides to teach him some manners by getting his suit nice and filthy before going down on his knees and feasting on his big, uncut dick. But thats just an appetiser to whats yet to come. Watch the two men in this intense, sweaty and filthy fuck session.

91° HOT

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