03 Oct 2014
00:24:14 mins

Porn Legend ADAM CHAMP makes his return to the porn spotlight this week, and he does it in style - dressed in full suit and tie. Adam is the hot, masculine professor who we’ve all lusted over, just like Bruno Bernal lusts over him every day in class dreaming of crawling under his desk and sucking him off till he swallows his load. And finally today he gets to live out his fantasy and get used and abused by his hunky professor. Watch Adam in full Muscle Daddy mode, as he slaps, gags, and pounds the young Bruno to within an inch of his life but the sexy bottom takes it like a pro - begging him ‘Fuck me Mr Champ' as he gets slammed over the desk. The subservient pupil finally gets on his knees to take his teachers hot load all over his face and licking the last drops of tasty cum from his dick.

90° HOT


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