31 Aug 2018
00:21:53 mins

Remember a few weeks ago when Dani Robles busted Dario Beck for committing insurance fraud over some valuable paintings? Remember how Dani, porn’s hungriest bottom, flipped on all of us and used Dario’s beautiful ass for his own nasty topman deeds? Well get ready for the next chapter of that story, featuring Dani and Dante Colle.

The Connoisseur shows us what happens when Dani, still a horny, well-suited art connoisseur, tries to buy some paintings from Dante. After confessing his prior “arrangement” with Dario, Dante figures he can get in on the action, meaning Dani’s stretched-out hole. But first, Dani and Dante service each other’s stiff cocks. There’s no better site than seeing two men in business wear slurping on each other’s cock. Dani offers up his manpussy like he usually does and grunts with joy while Dante his eager butt forcefully.

This weeks’ feature has lots of hole-slamming, dick slurping, cumblasting and exactly what MAP fans love—suitsex! Dani and Dante deliver some blazing sex for us. Enjoy!

83° HOT


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